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This schedule is available for electrical service used by a non-residential customer with a monthly demand of 100 kW or greater. This schedule is not available for residential service, for resale, or for breakdown or parallel operation.

Monthly Charges

A.Basic Facilities Charge$300.00 per month
B.Demand Charges
Coincident Peak Demand- All kW$23.57 per kW
Excess Demand- All kW$4.29 per kW
C.Energy Charge- All kWh$ 0.069468 per kWh
D.The applicable North Carolina sales tax will be added to all charges listed above, except billings to designated Federal and State agencies.

Determination of Billing Demand

Coincident Peak Demand shall be the average kW demand measured in the 60-minute interval used by the North Carolina Eastern Municipal Power Agency for wholesale billing purposes during the corresponding month of Customer’s billing.

Excess Demand shall be the highest 15-minute demand recorded during the current billing month, less the Monthly Coincident Peak Demand for the current billing month.

kWh of energy shall be the sum of all 60-minute integrated demand readings during the current billing month.

rkVA Demand shall be the Customer’s maximum 15-minute reactive demand recorded during the current billing cycle.

Notification By Town

The Town will use diligent efforts to predict each monthly system peak and notify the Customer in advance; however, the Town is not able to guarantee that an accurate prediction and notice will be provided. Notification by the Town will be provided to the Customer by direct telephone communications or automatic signal, as mutually agreed. The Customer will hold the Town harmless in connection with its response to notification.

The Town will attempt to provide advance notice of tracking adjustments associated with rate changes charged to the Town from NCEMPA, or will notify Customer of changes as soon as practical after such changes are approved and adopted by NCEMPA.