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Community Center Rental

Contact Information

Farmville Community Center Operating and Rental Policies 
3886 South Main Street
Farmville, NC 27828

Phone: (252) 753-6719
Fax: (252) 753-2963

Operating and Rental Policies

It is the policy of the Town of Farmville to make rental facilities available on a nondiscriminatory basis, while maximizing the use of the facility to offset operating expenses. Permission to use the facility, whether rented or provided at no charge, is not considered to be an endorsement of or any sponsorship of any group, individual, organization or event.

1. Reservations

A confirmed “Facility Use Agreement” is required to reserve any meeting area. A signature and payment of all rental fees is required to confirm. By signature, lessee agrees to comply with the Town of Farmville Policies and Procedures. Applications for use during any calendar year (January 1 – December 31) are processed as received. The status order of a reservation is determined by the date of receipt by the Town of Farmville of the signed application, not the date of the initial inquiry. Applications for the following year are accepted three (3) months in advance for the upcoming new year, beginning March 1, 2021, and are processed in the order received. Groups/users who utilize the facility on a regular basis are required to submit a new application each year. Rental of the community center is limited to two (2) consecutive days per month. Requests for reservations shall be made through the Town of Farmville, Parks and Recreation Department Office; 3672 North Main Street; PO Box 86, Farmville, NC 27828. Reservation information is available by calling (252) 753-6722 or by visiting online at www.farmvillencparks.com. The Town of Farmville reserves the right to refuse any lease request if made less than ten (10) working days’ notice. Set up and take down time must be included in the reservation. Reservations are limited to those dates, times, rooms, and areas listed in the “Facility Use Agreement”.

2. Damage Report Fee

A damage deposit fee of $100.00 is required for the use of the facility. Damage deposit fees shall be deposited in the Town of Farmville General Fund. Deposits are to be returned to the lessee within forty-five (45) days after the event when guidelines have been adhered to and no damage resulted in the use of the facility. Damage deposit fees are refundable unless event extends beyond reserved area; facility or equipment is damaged; fights; vandalism or improper conduct occur; the facility is not left clean; or Police assistance is required. These fees will be taken from the damage deposit and the lessee will be billed for any fees greater than the deposit. The lessee will not be allowed to lease any Town facilities until full payment has been made. The lessee shall be responsible for all claims, damages or accidents occurring in any part of the facility damaged by any act, omission, defaults, subcontractor, employees, patrons, guests, admitted to the facility by lessee, or negligence of the lessee. Lessee will pay the Town of Farmville in cash, upon demand, a sum equal to the cost of repairing and restoring the facility to its condition as of the commencement of the lessee; or at the option of and with the approval of the Town, will make such restoration and repairs at their own expense. A cancellation made seven (7) days prior to rental date of the community center is entitled to full reimbursement of refund deposits. If cancellation is made without the proper notice this will forfeit any refund of the rental fee deposit, however the damage deposit will be refunded. The lessee shall restore all Town equipment used to its proper order. Lessee and/or their caterers are responsible for removing all food, trash, etc from the leased space and depositing it in the trash containers at the rear of the facility. The damage deposit will not be refunded if this rule is violated.

3. Hours Available

Normal use of the Community Center shall be between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. Hours may vary to do Covid-19 Guidelines or due to an act of nature where hours may be limited.

4. Access to Building

The leasing fee includes the use of the requested rooms, utilities, normal maintenance and use of tables and chairs, town staff to open, close and monitor the facility.

5. Rental Fees

Rental fees are based upon a four (4) hour period. Please calculate an hour before an event for preparation and an hour after event for cleanup in your start and end time.

a. Town Use / Town Sponsored Use

Events, meetings or activities conducted or sponsored by the Town of Farmville as a whole or by one of its departments including, but not limited to, Commissioners meetings, advisory board meetings, employee training sessions, employee meal events, and recreational programs and classes.

b. Community Service Use

Donated activity or program that is performed by an individual or a group for the benefit of the community and not for personal or professional gain or recognition. Examples include, but are not limited to, blood drives, nutrition programs, meal events for the elderly or needy, health screenings, literacy programs, youth mentoring programs, and life skill development programs. Any other local government agencies.

c. Private, Resident

Private events for which no admission is charged. Applicant must live within Town limits. Organizations may not use the address of a member who is a Town resident. A driver license will be required as verification of residence.

d. Private, Non-resident

Private events for which no admission is charged. Applicant does not live within the Town limits

e. Business, Resident

Profit oriented group. Business is located within Town limits. Company stationary can be used as verification of residence.

f. Business, Non-resident

Profit oriented group. Business is located outside Town limits.

Community Room + KitchenNo ChargeNo Charge$200$350

The Town of Farmville may participate in co-operative or joint programs with other agencies, organizations, institutions, or individuals as part of its own efforts to facilitate information access in the community or to provide a valuable service to the community as a whole or to a targeted segment of the community. Sponsorship is at the discretion of the Town of Farmville. These sponsored programs may include, but not be limited to, speeches, community forums, discussion groups, demonstrations, displays and live or media presentations, health and mental health programs, or educational and scholarship programs. Sponsored events must be open to the general public, free of charge, observe all facility use policies, and have written approval as a sponsored event prior to being scheduled. For non-commercial events such as family reunions, birthday parties, weddings, family events or etc., the person hosting the event must complete the application and his/her address is used to determine the appropriate fee. Parents or guardians must sign the reservation form on behalf of any lessee under 21 years of age. Anyone under 21 years of age and youth groups requesting the use of the facility must ensure an adult chaperone ratio of one (1) adult per fifteen (15) minor children. The Town of Farmville reserves the right to schedule multiple bookings when the additional booking does not interfere with the primary lessee’s booking.

The Town of Farmville reserves the right to interrupt, terminate, or cancel an event when in the judgment of the Town Manager or the Chief of Police, such act is necessary in the interests of public safety and/or the user is in violation of this policy. User waives any claims for damages or compensation should the event be interrupted, terminated or canceled. Advertising/promotion of events, meetings, programs, etc, for which space within the facility has been reserved, must clearly state the sponsor of the event, a local contact person and a telephone number. Promotional materials, press releases, etc, must be worded so it is clear to the general public the event is not sponsored by the Town of Farmville. Non-compliance with this policy may lead to immediate cancellation of the event and forfeiture of rental fees paid.

6. Use of Kitchen

Rental of the facility may include use of the kitchen. Kitchen users must make their own catering arrangements and arrange for cleaning of the kitchen after use. The kitchen is not equipped for large-scale food preparation or catering. Cleaning supplies and trash bags are the responsibility of the lessee.

7. Sign and Decoration Placement

All decorations, scenery, etc., shall be erected without defacing the facility in any way and are subject to the approval of the Town of Farmville. All signs, decorations, scenery, etc., shall be installed and removed from the facility within the time reserved. No items, materials may be affixed to walls, doors, flooring, furniture, etc., that will leave a residue, stain, scratch or otherwise mar these surfaces. No smoking, use of candles, open flames, decorations which may be flammable or combustible, smoke or fog generating equipment or apparatus is allowed. No flyers, banners or event information may be pasted outside the building advertising events with the facility.

8. Miscellaneous Provisions

a. No items may be stored for any user/group within the facility.

b. All supplies and equipment used in an event must be removed from the facility at the completion of each reservation period.

c. No alcoholic beverages will be served without special permission of the Farmville Board of Commissioners.

d. The Town shall have the right to control and operate the public portions of the facilities, the heating and air conditioning and common use areas, in a manner deemed most appropriate for the Town.

e. Town equipment shall not be removed from the facility.

f. The lessee shall not assign or sublease the space covered by the “Facility Use Agreement”.

g. No person shall be allowed to have firearms, knives, explosives or any other weapons in the facility or on the premises at any time.

h. Users shall observe posted room capacities.