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Fire Department

The Farmville Fire Department was chartered in 1915 and commenced operations as a department within the Farmville town government.

The department today is a forty-member, all volunteer, department, funded by the Town of Farmville government and operates under the command of a Chief and two Assistant Chiefs.

The Farmville Fire Department provides protection to an area that covers approximately a six-mile radius from Farmville and currently responds to an average of 225 emergency calls each year.

The department’s primary equipment consists of two pumpers, one brush truck and one firefighter support vehicle.


  • 2001 E-One Cyclone II 1250 GPM Pumper with 1000 Gal water supply and 5” supply hose.
  • 1981 GMC Jaco 1000 GPM Pumper with 750 Gal water supply and 5” Supply house.

Brush Truck

  • Fire Fighting Foam One ¾ Ton Brush Truck with a 250 Gal tank.

2005 Freightliner Support Truck

  • This truck is equipped to support light to medium rescue activities; including tools for extrication, cutters, spreaders, rams, cribbing, stabilization kits and air bags.

The department operates from a 13,500 square feet station located at 3713 North Main Street in Farmville.