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The Recreation Commission was installed to assist the Board of Commissioners and the Town Manager in the design and execution of the most appropriate for of recreation for all citizens, regardless of age, or talent, that exceeds what the community has the right to expect. The mission of this commission is to provide recreational activities, both athletic and non-athletic, to all age groups and all citizens thereby improving the quality of life in Farmville while meeting the needs of the community and gaining the maximum involvement of the citizens of Farmville.

Mission Statement

The Parks and Recreation Department of Farmville strives to create diverse opportunities and experiences in order to provide social, cultural and physical growth within the entire community. With the goal of developing, promoting and enhancing citizen participation and stewardship through the use of exceptional facilities, parks, people, programs and special events in recreational activities.

Vision Statement

Farmville Parks and Recreation strives to provide the community with exceptional experiences through people, programs and events.

For more information, please visit the Parks and Recreation website at farmvillencparks.com