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Service under this Schedule is available for the Town of Farmville’s municipal uses served at
a single point of delivery through one meter. Service will be provided at one of the Town’s standard single-phase or three-phase service voltages.

Monthly Rate

Customer Charges:
Energy Charge:
All kWh$ .1178 per kWh

Load Management

Credits are available for demand reduction during the monthly Utility Peak that result in a corresponding reduction in the Town’s billing demand from the North Carolina Eastern Municipal Power Agency (NCEMPA).

The Town will receive monthly credits per kW for the reduction in demand during the 60-minute interval of the billing month (Utility Peak) used by NCEMPA for wholesale billing purposes which coincides with Carolina Power & Light Company’s (CP&L) Monthly System Peak Demand. The credit will equal the incremental demand cost in the NCEMPA Wholesale Power Rate including applicable demand riders less an allowance of 36.5% for administration.

The following method will be used for the determination of the monthly kW demand reduction:

  1. The Town will determine the day and time of the Utility Peak.
  2. The Town will review the metered demand at the time of the Utility Peak on every day other than the day of the peak during the billing month.
  3. The average of the five highest kW demands determined in Step 2 will be calculated.
  4. The demand for credit will equal the average kW demand from Step 3 minus kW demand during the Utility Peak.

Payment Terms

Payment for services under this Schedule will be by invoice transfer within the Town’s municipal accounting system.

Sales Tax

Payments for services under this Schedule are exempt from State of North Carolina Utility Sales Tax.

The City/Town will attempt to provide advance notice of tracking adjustments associated with rate changes charged to the Town/City from NCEMPA, or will notify Customer of changes as soon as practical after such changes are approved and adopted by NCEMPA.