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Service under this Schedule is available to the Town of Fountain, North Carolina for the purpose of purchasing electricity for resale.

The Town will provide electric power to Fountain at a single point of delivery at the Town’s standard distribution voltage of 12,470/4,160/2,400 volts using a load side step-down transformer and facilities owned and operated by the Town for a total load of up to 2,000 kW.

Monthly Rate

Customer Charge$631.05
Surcharge for OCB$36.05
Energy Charge:
All kWh$ .0456237 per kWh
Demand Charge:
All Utility Peak kW$ 18.8474830 per kW

Billing Demand

Billing Demand shall be the customer’s contribution to the Town of Farmville’s 60-minute clock-hour demand measured during the 60-minute interval (Utility Peak) which is used by the North Carolina Eastern Municipal Power Agency for wholesale power demand charges to the Town of Farmville for the billing month.

Generation Deferral Credit

Service under this Schedule will include a 30% discount on Energy and Demand Charges for the deferral of customer generation.

Payment Terms

Bills are due when received and are payable within 15 days of the date of the bill. For unpaid bills after the 15th day, a late fee of 1% will be added to the balance. If any bill is not paid within 25 days from the date of the bill, the Town has the right to suspend service in accordance with its service regulations.

Contract Period

The term of contract for service under this Schedule shall be as mutually agreed upon and specified in the service agreement.

Sales Tax

Payments for services under this Schedule are exempt from State of North Carolina Utility Sales Tax.