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Service under this Schedule is available for nonresidential electric service when the customer’s peak registered demand is less than or equal to 100 kilowatts. Alternating current, 60 hertz, will be provided at one of the Town’s standard single-phase or three-phase service voltages at one point of delivery.

Energy furnished under this Schedule may not be resold and may not be used for standby, temporary or seasonal service unless specifically provided in a service agreement. Generators on the customer’s side of the meter may not be used in conjunction with service, unless expressly approved in writing by the Town.

Monthly Rate

Customer Charges:
Energy Charge:
First 10,000 kWh$0.1295 per kWh
Over 10,000 kWh0.1003 per kWh
Demand Charge: [1]
All over 15 kW$9.00 per kW
[1] No demand charge will be applicable when the customer’s energy use is less than 50 times monthly peak demand.

Billing Demand

Billing Demand will be the maximum metered or computed kilowatts during any fifteen-minute interval in the billing month.

Payment Terms

Bills are due when received and are payable within 15 days of the date of the bill. For unpaid bills after the 15th day, a late fee of $3.00 will be added to the balance. A delinquent fee of $20.00, but not less than 1.5% of the unpaid balance, will be charged on any balance outstanding twenty-two days after the billing date. In addition, if any bill is not paid within 22 days from the date of the bill, the Town has the right to suspend service in accordance with its service regulations.

Water Heater Load Management

When service includes electric hot water heater(s), each of which is controlled under the Town’s load management program, a load management credit of $2 per water heater will be applied to the customer’s monthly bill.

Air Conditioning Load Management – Partial Control

When service includes central air conditioning or heat pump(s) that provide all space cooling and each unit is controlled under the Town’s load management program, load management credits of $4.00 per month will be applied to the customer’s bills during the months of July-October.

Minimum Term

Service will be provided for a minimum term of twelve months for basic service, and as specified in the service agreement for Temporary Service, Standby Service and Seasonal Service.

Temporary Service

For temporary service, the customer is required to pay the entire cost of installation (including material, labor, transportation, overhead and taxes, if any) plus the cost of removal net of the value of salvageable materials (Facilities Charge). The customer will pay an estimated charge in advance. The Facilities Charge will be adjusted when actual costs are known.

Seasonal Service

Customer will pay a full year of monthly Customer Charges for each season of operation in addition to the Demand and Energy charges for those months when service is used. A facility charge of $75.25 for single-phase service and $150.00 for three-phase service will be applicable for any new or reconnected service.

Standby Service

Terms under which standby service will be provided will be covered in a separate service agreement which provides for recovery of excess costs incurred by the Town. Monthly Demand Charges will be adjusted by the Town as may be appropriate to avoid duplicate charges for demand.

Sales Tax

State of North Carolina Utility Sales Tax will be added to charges for service, as applicable.

The City/Town will attempt to provide advance notice of tracking adjustments associated with rate changes charged to the Town/City from NCEMPA, or will notify Customer of changes as soon as practical after such changes are approved and adopted by NCEMPA.